A Surf Retreat is Born

Girl on Beach

The Chica: Ashley Blaylock was born and raised in Houston, TX in a large family of eight children. She traded in her life as an attorney in Houston, TX to live and surf along the sunny shores of Nicaragua… and to share the experience with you through CHICABRAVA.

The Name: Ashley came to Nicaragua in 2003. At that time, the local surfer guys hadn’t yet surfed with any girls. Surprised that a chica could actually surf too, and not just the boys, they’d yell out “ay…chica brava” (”brave girl”) when they’d see her in the water.

The Story: Like so many girls, Ashley never considered that she could actually surf like her brother and his friends. It wasn’t until going to the beach with another girl and seeing her paddle out that she knew not only was it possible for girls to learn the sport, they can rip at it too! The experience of being in the water and surfing with another girl gave her the confidence that she could do it and allowed her to become really stoked on trying. Now, surfing with other girls provides the motivation to push harder and reach new levels daily that surfing with guys just doesn’t do. This is the idea behind CHICABRAVA.