CHICABRAVA is the first and best surf retreat for women in Nicaragua.

Our mission is:
– To empower and inspire women through surfing
– To introduce people to the beauty of Nicaragua and its people
– To provide a top life-time vacation experience
– To support and give-back to the local community

Our vision is to be the leader in women’s surf retreats and to empower women all over the world through surfing, utilizing it as a means to effectuate profound personal change both in the private and public sectors.

Core Values:
Honesty, kindness, humility, respect, gratitude, passion, compassion, strength, bravery, positivity, lightheartedness, thoughtfulness, teamwork, encouragement and support. This is what makes us CHICABRAVA.

Our commitment to our Guests:
We care deeply about each guest’s experience and our impact in the community. We want to help create amazing, unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories in Nicaragua.

CHICABRAVA: Empowering Women, One Wave at a Time.