A Guide to Traveling Alone for Women Over 40

Oct 27, 16 • News & Events, Newsletter

These days, it is easy to think that just by following someone’s Instagram page, you can live vicariously through them while living our “normal” lives; working 9-5 with steady paychecks, mortgage payments and all things that involve life as we know it. Well, think again! Be that person on... Read More

SheXtreme Film Festival: ‘You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.’ – Isadore Duncan

Oct 18, 16 • News & Events

A recent interview with Lena Stoffel and Aline Boch talking about their upcoming film WAY EAST: a snow and surf adventure filmed in Japan. They mentioned how excited they are that it’s making its UK film premiere at Shextreme Film Festival on Friday 21st October. Photo: Lena Stoffel and... Read More

Smiling, Spanish and Surfing


This week, we had Laura at Surf House, who is a lawyer between jobs. Currently living in Washington, DC, and just nailing down her dream job, Laura was looking for a nice, much needed break when coming to CHICABRAVA. Since Laura has not surfed before, she didn’t expect to progress as much as... Read More

#TeamTyler Crowned 2016 World Champion

Oct 13, 16 • News & Events
Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 11.33.41 AM

#TEAMTYLER We here at CHICABRAVA have been #TeamTyler fans from this exact time last year when Tyler leaned into the microphone after winning the Roxy Pro France in 2015 and announced that she was ready to fight for that World Title. Being jersey lucky #13 (my favorite number), knowing that she has... Read More

Why Surfing is the Best Workout

Oct 9, 16 • News & Events, Newsletter

Total bliss… nothing is on your mind but surfing and just being in the water. That is the exact feeling that I, as well as many other surfers, feel when going out for their daily session. While enjoying the water, relaxation and the serenity surfing creates; little do we know that we are working... Read More

Can you say S-W-E-L-L?

Oct 5, 16 • News & Events

Emily, a 22 year old solo traveler from Florida, was our guest last week at Surf House. So not only did she get one on one in the water, but she received a true Nicaraguan experience by getting to be with a local all week. She went on the catamaran, hung out at Pelican Eyes, did some yoga and even... Read More

The Top 5 Gnarliest Videos of Women Surfing

Oct 4, 16 • News & Events, Newsletter

There are some amazing female surfers out there, who constantly impress me with their outstanding performances and never ending passion for the ocean. These rad ladies are my personal superheroes and my nominees for the Top 5 Gnarliest Videos of Women Surfing: 1. Keala Kennelly’s wipeout at... Read More

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