3 Famous Women Surfers to Follow

Dec 1, 17 • News & Events
tia blanco

Leah Dawson Leah is not only an amazing surfer, she is also a genuine, kind and positive human. She has a style no one can copy, because she truly expresses herself surfing waves. Even if she participated (and won!) the last Queen of the Peak in Tofino, you will mostly see Leah freesurfing. Natural... Read More

The Week of Firsts: Weekly Surf Camp Story

Nov 29, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

What a fun week we had at Chicabrava!! We had 3 amazing ladies with us who exceeded all of our expectations. Everyone was experiencing something for the first time; for some it was massage, for some yoga classes or green waves. And of course Tonas! All 3 ladies were beginners and we started in the... Read More

Double the Fun at CHICABRAVA

Nov 22, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
Double the fun at CHICABRAVA: Weekly Camp Story

This week at CHICABRAVA we had the privilege of hosting four lovely ladies at the Surf House and eight at the Cloud Farm location. Our amazing pack of women came from all over the U.S, all with unique backgrounds, and a few returning guests to learn to surf in Nicaragua. Sunday morning we picked... Read More

5 Ways to Step up Your Beginner Surf Game

Nov 21, 17 • Newsletter
Stepping up your beginner surfer game: Buy the right board

After your week with Chicabrava you will have learned the basics and are ready to paddle out in the line up. It’s good to remember that this is only the beginning of your surfing life and there is still lot to learn. Here is 5 ways to speed up your journey. Look after yourself. To keep your... Read More

Playa Colorado Spotlight

Nov 20, 17 • Newsletter
Playa Colorado Spotlight: CHICABRAVA Surf Camp

During September CHICABRAVA had their first and extremely successful Playa Colorado retreat. Here are some of the highlights of the trip: The Location: Playa Colorado is located inside Hacienda Iguanas, a private golf and beach club with long white beaches and several breaks. The Colorado break is... Read More

Awesome trips to take to practice your surfing after CHICABRAVA!

Nov 16, 17 • Newsletter

Looking for an awesome trip to take to practice your surfing after CHICABRAVA? We know just the spots! Having been with us in CHICABRAVA, we can assume you enjoyed Central America. Traveling Central America is quite easy, decently inexpensive and packed with amazing surf breaks for all levels. What... Read More

16-Strong All-week Long at the Surf House!

Nov 13, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

What a wonderful week with so many amazing ladies. This week we enjoyed the company of eleven women in our surf house location. We had a fun mix of beginner to advanced beginners, all some way or another interconnected from friends of friends. The week was more than we could have ever expected and... Read More

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