Coffee, Surf, Eat & Repeat

Apr 27, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
April 14 Weekly Surf Camp Story

Saturday On Saturday, April 15, we welcomed three lovely ladies into our CHICABRAVA Cloud Farm location. Joelle, from Maine, and Julie and Kathryn, two sisters, from Washington. After an introduction of the house and a briefing of the schedule for the week, the ladies hit the hay as we had an early... Read More

Nutrition for Surfers – Meal Ideas for Energy to Surf

Apr 25, 17 • Newsletter
Nutrition for Surfers - Meal Ideas for Energy to Surf

Being a surfer, it’s super important to take care of yourself. That way, you can continue that gnarly surf stoke and keep shredding! In order to do that, you really have to make sure that you are eating not only healthy, but also enough. It’s important to fuel that sick surfer bod with... Read More

Will stand up paddleboarding (SUP) help prepare me for learning to surf?

Apr 19, 17 • Newsletter
Will stand up paddle boarding help me learn to surf?

Stand up paddle boarding or stand up paddle surfing, known as SUP, has the rider standing up on a board and using a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Usually used when conditions on the water are flat with no wind or waves and can be used on any body of water, even a pool! This sport... Read More

A Photo Tour of the Area You’ll Learn to Surf in at CHICABRAVA

Apr 17, 17 • Newsletter
Playa Remanzo Sunset

Either if you are a beginner trying to approach for the first time the joy of surf or you are a pro surfer, be ready to challenge yourself in some of the most popular beaches in San Juan del Sur! When it comes to surf, San Juan del Sur is probably the most popular and challenging destinations of... Read More

Concrete Surfing

Apr 12, 17 • Newsletter
Board Sports

There’s something special about gliding smoothly along a surface and letting the breeze gently touch your skin; It’s a feeling of freedom and a feeling of empowerment. Skateboarding and surfing both feel very liberating and these two sports really go hand in hand. They are incredibly... Read More

La Semana Ultima Para Allie y Marie Soleil

Apr 10, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

Sunday Funday The ladies had breakfast, yoga, and board assignments this morning. We hosted a super successful and effective beach cleanup in the SJDS Bay. Yay! Save those sea turtles! Best part of today: I made two new RAD chica friends. Jen is living up in Manhattan, NY (riding the famous... Read More

Colored Zinka & Remanso Bliss

Apr 5, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

This past week at CHICABRAVA, we had the pleasure to welcome 7 wonderful guests: Anne, BC, Canada Mandy, BC, Canada Wendy, CA, Usa Kate, CA, Usa Kim, NY, Usa Karen, QLD, Australia Amanda, VIC, Australia We started off the week nice & strong on Sunday morning by surfing the inside of Maderas.... Read More

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