Awesome Surfing Podcasts

Jun 21, 17 • Newsletter

What’s a Podcast? First of all, a podcast can be defined as a audio file that can be downloaded off of the internet. It is typically in a “series” like format where you can subscribe to a channel and follow along week by week or simply check in and listen to varies individuals talk about... Read More

Creating Waves Worldwide: Surf Lakes

Jun 20, 17 • Newsletter

In recent times, a new surfing trend has been expanding worldwide, it consists of creating artificial waves in a giant pool of water for people to surf perfect and consistent waves. Australia, the land surrounded by sea and world renowned surfing spots is now jumping on the band wagon and... Read More

Catching Waves – June 10 Weekly Retreat Story

Jun 19, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat June 10

This week we had three lovely ladies in our Cloud Farm location, Jessica, Aimee, and Ella. All of our ladies were beginner level and let me tell you, by the end of the week you would have never known. We started our week at beautiful Playa Maderas. After practicing some pop-ups on the beach and... Read More

Cute Waves All Week Long – June 3 Weekly Retreat Story

Jun 14, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

This week we had some of the most loving, excited and stoked chicas join us at our CHICABRAVA surf retreat here in San Juan del Sur. Our three ladies, Kris, Daniel and Katie, all from Florida, stayed at our Cloud Farm location which is located in Finca de Las Nubes, just outside of town in a lush... Read More

Surf Stokes Ten: May 28th – June 3rd

Jun 7, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
CHICABRAVA Surf Camp Weekly Stories

This week, we welcomed 10 amazing ladies; 9 in our Cloud Farm and 1 Surf House. In Cloud Farm we had Lindsay, Alana, Carolyn, Mel, Michelle and Sydney from the United States as well as Caryn from South Africa, Jimena from Argentina and Marianne from Canada. In Surf House this week we had Jennifer... Read More

Surfing Soul Sisters

May 31, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

The CHICABRAVA girl gang spent four wonderful days at Playa Remanso, two at Playa Hermosa, and one day in San Juan. Sunday through Wednesday: Vamos a Playa Remanso! We welcomed three new ladies to the Surf House, Eileen from Illinois, Isabelle from Quebec, Claire from Rhode Island and Daniela from... Read More

Awesome Books About Traveling That’ll Make You Want to Pack Your Bags

May 30, 17 • Newsletter

Throughout my life, I have packed my bags quite a lot! Since I was a kid I have considered myself as a sort of gypsy soul with strong Italian roots. In 2009, I spent six months in Sweden living in the darkness and while there I had the pleasure to see the “Aurora Borealis” in Lapland. On my... Read More

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