“Chica Check-in!”

A Day in the Life of a Surf Instructor

Aug 19, 16 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter
sarah and noe

The charming little latin bay of San Juan Del Sur, is located in the South of Nicaragua, near the border with Costa Rica, on the Pacific side of Central America. Known for all the surf spots that line the neighboring coast, the cafés and fruit markets lining the streets, and bars lighting up the... Read More

Chica Check In-Kristina from Florida

Kristina Surfing big waves

How Did you Hear About CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat? I first heard about CHICABRAVA from a coworker when he told me his niece was a surf instructor in Nicaragua teaching girls how to surf. In my head, I was saying…”Nicaragua? Teaching? Surfing? My Dream!”. At that time, I was at a... Read More

Chica Check In-Karam from Canada

Jan 15, 16 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter
Karam in Canada gym

“Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself — be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he... Read More

Chica Check In- Amy from California

Amy from California at Dicks sporting goods

AMY’s Recap since CHICABRAVA It has been five months since my amazing two week CHICABRAVA surf trip, it’s also my birthday in a few days.  I miss CHICABRAVA and all of the gals I met during my journey.  I must admit some of the gals poked fun at me for where I purchased all of the dry... Read More

Chica Check-In- Joelene from Australia

Old man smoking cigar in Nicaragua

Over dinner with two girlfriends and my partner of 12 years Mat by my side… Joelene “Yeah, I’ve been thinking of taking a break from work, might head to Central America to learn Spanish and do some volunteering for four months.” Jane “Wow, that sounds awesome, will you... Read More

CHICA Check-In- Kelly Anne from San Diego


This year I chose to be still. Quiet my busy mind. Build my tribe. Practice the art of taking vacations. Never have I ever committed to laying down real roots in one single place. Last we spoke I was sitting on my moms couch in AZ trying to work things out. I made a list. Everything I need in a... Read More

CHICA Check-In- Lauren from LA

Aug 31, 15 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter

As I sit here on my balcony pulling together pictures and my thoughts from the past few months for this check-in, I am overwhelmed with how special my time in Nicaragua has been. I decided to pull the trigger and move my rat-race Hollywood life to San Juan Del Sur last march. After a couple trips... Read More

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