Why Over 50 is a Great Time to Learn to Surf

Jan 17, 18 • Newsletter
Why Over 50 is a Great Time to Learn to Surf

There never is a right time to do anything, in my opinion. There are times when we think we are in better shape or we’ve recently changed our mentalities, or times when we think we are supposed to be doing something new, but the reality is that the right time is when you decide it’s the right... Read More

Why choose a women’s surf camp over coed?

Jan 10, 18 • Newsletter
Why to Choose a Women's Surf Camp over Coed

Hey ladies! When choosing what surf camp would be best for you to attend, the question of weather an all women’s surf camp or a coed would be best. Being a strictly chicas surf camp, here are a few reasons why learning to surf with all women is better than coed. 1. Surrounding yourself with... Read More

Where and When to Surf in Nicaragua

Jan 4, 18 • Newsletter

It’s pretty safe to say that Nicaragua is consistent surf destination almost year around, but there are couple things that is good to keep in mind when planning a surf trip. Famous for its offshore winds, Nicaragua is ideal for surfing year around, but the winds can get pretty strong in... Read More

Surfing in Australia

Dec 28, 17 • Newsletter
Bells Beach: Surfing Australia

Oh dear Australia. Straya, OZ, or the land down under. So many ways to call that dreamy place! There are many reasons why we’re mesmerized by this continent. Being surrounded by beautiful nature, hearing “G’day mate” everywhere when walking down the streets, but most importantly... Read More

Get to Know CHICABRAVA Instructor Kelsey Cecil

Dec 18, 17 • Newsletter

Have you ever dreamed about picking up your life and moving to a topical paradise? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink a fresh coconut while prancing through the hot sand straight towards the warm ocean waters? Have you ever imagined yourself surfing amazing waves every single day... Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Wave

Dec 15, 17 • Newsletter

Many of you may be wondering how you can choose the perfect wave. There are definitely many factors that come into play when figuring out what is the best wave for you versus the best wave for someone else. After some thought, I’ve come up with three, general decision making factors: your skill... Read More

What is Adaptive Surfing?

Dec 13, 17 • Newsletter

Since its first inauguration as part of the ISA (International surfing association) in 2015, adaptive surfing has been growing quite a bit. A couple weeks ago, Nov. 29th-3rd of December, the best adaptive surfers competed in the Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship presented by Vissla, in... Read More

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