The Best Ways to Avoid Major Sunburn When Surfing

Sep 18, 17 • Newsletter
How to Avoid Sunburn When Surfing

One of the things we always say to our chicas bravas is to take the sun seriously and always protect yourself from it, especially while surfing. Here are a few ways you can keep your skin from frying from the sun! Always put sunscreen on! It’s really important to put sunscreen every time you go... Read More

11 Charity/Nonprofit Organizations For Surfers

Sep 13, 17 • Newsletter

As a surf instructor at CHICABRAVA (and being a part of a surfing community in my hometown and abroad), I’ve felt the connectivity to the ocean and those in the lineup that are genuinely appreciating the feelings that come with surfing. We can all agree that the ocean/surfing can seriously heal... Read More

Top 10 Awesome Gifts for Surfers

Sep 4, 17 • Newsletter

Contemplating what to gift your favorite surfer this holiday season? I’ve put together a short and sweet list of fun items that any surfer would be thrilled to have. From necessities to fun surprises, this list is sure to put a smile on their face! Zinka Colored Sunscreen This colored... Read More

Surf Style: What should you wear surfing?

Aug 2, 17 • Newsletter
Surf Style: What to wear surfing

There are many options when it comes to what you can wear surfing. Some might prefer basic bikinis, while others leggings and rash guards. Whatever your style may be, always make sure what you are wearing is functional! Having functional attire while surfing allows you to focus all your time on... Read More

How to Get Your Friend to Go on a Surf Retreat with You

Jul 27, 17 • Newsletter
Surfing is a Great Workout

Surfing has been around me for at least more than a couple of years … God only knows since how long I wanted to do this experience! If you never thought that SURFING it was “your thing” maybe you should reconsider it! Here some funny reasons you might read for surfing in CHICABRAVA with me.... Read More

CHICABRAVA in Five Words

Jul 24, 17 • Newsletter

It is very hard to describe the experience here at CHICABRAVA in only 5 words. I reached out to some previous campers and instructors and here are some of their wonderful responses! Letting go of fears Courage Motivation Group Spirit Going Forward Joy Exhilarating Thrilling Challenging Humbling... Read More

Nicaragua Culture in San Juan Del Sur

Jul 10, 17 • Newsletter
Nicaragua Culture: Chicken Bus

Rudyard Kipling said “The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” Yes, it is so true! Think about.… you are spending one week with us in CHICABRAVA learning and empowering yourself through surfing and the entire experience is letting you to going deeper in a new... Read More

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