Weekly Camp Stories

Weekly Surf Camp Story: December 23 – 30

Jan 2, 18 • Weekly Camp Stories
Weekly Camp Story: December at Chica Brava

I can hardly hold my pencil to write this, so tired are my arms from all the waves we got this week! Our chicas were amazing. We had two wonderful ladies, Alix and Chloe, from the beginning of the week. Both of them stood up pretty much on their first go! Little bit work in their feet placement and... Read More

The Week of Firsts: Weekly Surf Camp Story

Nov 29, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

What a fun week we had at Chicabrava!! We had 3 amazing ladies with us who exceeded all of our expectations. Everyone was experiencing something for the first time; for some it was massage, for some yoga classes or green waves. And of course Tonas! All 3 ladies were beginners and we started in the... Read More

Double the Fun at CHICABRAVA

Nov 22, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
Double the fun at CHICABRAVA: Weekly Camp Story

This week at CHICABRAVA we had the privilege of hosting four lovely ladies at the Surf House and eight at the Cloud Farm location. Our amazing pack of women came from all over the U.S, all with unique backgrounds, and a few returning guests to learn to surf in Nicaragua. Sunday morning we picked... Read More

16-Strong All-week Long at the Surf House!

Nov 13, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

What a wonderful week with so many amazing ladies. This week we enjoyed the company of eleven women in our surf house location. We had a fun mix of beginner to advanced beginners, all some way or another interconnected from friends of friends. The week was more than we could have ever expected and... Read More

Four Lovely Ladies at the Surf House

Sep 22, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

This week we hosted four lovely ladies into our surf house. Katie, Kielle, and Jo, all friends from Canada came as beginners and left as some awesome lady surfers. We also had Allie from Australia who caught some pretty big waves this week. Sunday We started the week nice and early as we headed to... Read More

It’s All About Fun: Weekly Surf Camp – August 4

Aug 7, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
Weekly surf camp story: August 4 - Surfing!

This week we had the pleasure to welcome 2 badass chicas from United States: Angie and Carol. This week was about getting out of our comfort zone and accomplishing multiple goals. Sunday On the first day with the girls, we assigned boards for the girls and went to beautiful playa Hermosa. The waves... Read More

The Girl Gang: Weekly Camp Story for July 22

Aug 3, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories
Chicabrava Weekly Camp Story

This week, Kelsey and I had the chance to host this cool chic Bex from New Zealand. With her having an intermediate level, we went surfing every different break in the area and had heaps of fun. It was an amazing girl surf trip around San Juan Del Sur Area. Sunday On Sunday, we went surfing to... Read More

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