3 Famous Women Surfers to Follow

Dec 1, 17 • News & Events

Leah Dawson

Photo : Bryanna Bradley Photography

Photo : Bryanna Bradley Photography

Leah is not only an amazing surfer, she is also a genuine, kind and positive human. She has a style no one can copy, because she truly expresses herself surfing waves. Even if she participated (and won!) the last Queen of the Peak in Tofino, you will mostly see Leah freesurfing. Natural stance, switch, backward, on one foot… Nothing will stop her from rethinking a slide.

Find Leah on instagram at : @leahloves

Tia Blanco

Photo: Tia Blanco Facebook Page

Photo: Tia Blanco Facebook Page

Tia is certainly one of our personal heroes here at CHICABRAVA. She visited us over a year ago for a collaboration, and we’re still so inspired from her last visit in Nicaragua. Sharing waves with her was something incredible, but getting to know her views was something that can inspire one for a lifetime. Dedicated to the ocean and her yoga mat, she inspires us to move and be at peace with ourselves. Committed to a plant-based diet, Tia is a proud vegan and she helps us all finding more recipes with her instagram @tiasvegankitchen. She says: « My goal is to spread love & inspire others to eat in a way that benefits themselves, animals, & our earth. » What a wonderful thing!

Find Tia on Instagram: @tiablanco

Justine Dupont

Photo: lequipe.fr

Photo: lequipe.fr

Justine is one impressive athlete. She is the absolute definition of the term «Waterwoman». She is one of the most polyvalent surfer on the WSL tour. She shred on a shortboard, glides beautifully on a longboard, and also charges monster waves with her pink gun. Justine shows she can surf waves without a board, she can win the title of vice world champion in Stand Up Paddleboard Surf this past September, and she can be invited to surf massive Peahi in the XXL league the following month, in a competition where women take place only for the second time in history. Incredibly skilled in every water sport, Justine can inspire everyone to get in the ocean and push their limits.

Find her on Instagram : @justinedupont33

by: Marie-Soleil Beauchemin

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