Why choose a women’s surf camp over coed?

Jan 10, 18 • Newsletter

Why to Choose a Women's Surf Camp over Coed

Hey ladies! When choosing what surf camp would be best for you to attend, the question of weather an all women’s surf camp or a coed would be best. Being a strictly chicas surf camp, here are a few reasons why learning to surf with all women is better than coed.

1. Surrounding yourself with like minded women. When you decide to choose an all women’s surf camp, you will be surrounded with women from different careers, hometowns, and hobbies. Yet, over the week, you will learn that you are not too different after all. To choose a women’s empowerment surf camp shows you all have a similar goal or objective you want to fulfill during the week. Whether it’s learning to surf or wanting to try a new experience, you will surround yourself with women with that similar goal.

Why to Choose a Women's Surf Camp over Coed

2. Life long gal pals. When you spend a week together surfing and exploring San Juan Del Sur, the experience brings you together with the instructors, hosts, and other guests. The memories you make during the week will stay with you forever, and so will the friendship of the other ladies. Nothing brings women together like watching and cheering each other on as you catch your first wave.

Why to Choose a Women's Surf Camp over Coed

3. Empowerment! Being only women creates a non competitive environment where you can learn to surf at your own pace. whether it’s rolling up to the beach in the car full of girls or taking on the town together on Friday night, being surrounded by the girls will leave you with the confidence to take on anything.

Samantha Marchisin

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