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May 17, 17 • Newsletter

CHICABRAVA Surf Instructor NIcole

Nicole Nee, originally from California, now living in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua lets us in on a little bit of her surfing background during a brief interview here at CHICABRAVA.

At age five, Nicole took her first wave. She says that her father was her biggest influencer. He started teaching Nicole and her sister how to surf when they were very young. They played on 9 foot longboards in various areas of California. Nicole states, “My dad put me on the board and pushed me on a wave.” It was from this moment that she knew surfing would be a part of her life.

CHICABRAVA Surf Camp Instructor Nicole

Nicole would continue surfing for many years. When asked why she continued to surf, she replied “I was truly stoked. I know I sound like a total Cali girl, but honestly, I was just super stoked and wanted to surf every day.”

After years of learning, playing and simply enjoying the culture of surf, Nicole fell into more serious careers and was surfing less frequently. After working many fields, Nicole found herself wishing for a more relaxed, beachy lifestyle; the lifestyle she originally moved to Nicaragua for. Nicole is now a surf instructor with CHICABRAVA. She spends nearly every day at the beach, surfing and loving life.

CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat Instructor Nicole

“I’m just so happy to be in the water every day. The ocean cures my soul.”

Kelsey Cecil
Surf Instructor/Host

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