How to Stay in Surfing Shape in the Off-Season

Mar 6, 18 • Newsletter

How to Stay in Surfing Shape

Not all of us have the opportunity to surf every single day of our lives. Cold water, waves that don’t break constantly, and work can hold us back from not getting in the water everyday. While the best way to stay in surfing shape is to surf, here are some other ways to stay in top shape when not surfing.

How to Stay in Shape for Surfing

Planks, planks, planks!

Surfing engages the upper body and core for paddling and popping up. Planks and burpees are a great way to work out the core and arms. Surfing also uses the legs so resistance training and squatting are perfect for getting the legs ready to stay low and stable.

Yoga to Stay in Surfing Shape


I have seen a tremendous change in my surfing since I started adding yoga into my workout routine. It allows you to work on your flexibility, balance, and breathing, all which are needed for surfing. I love restorative and yin yoga, which allow you to stretch the muscles you worked out in the gym.

Swim to Stay in Surfing Shape


I find the best way to work on your paddling in the off-season is swimming laps. It allows you’re to be in the paddling motion, which you can then really concentrate on creating stronger and more efficient paddles. It also allows you to work on your breathing and lung capacity as well.

Surf training in the off season is really important so when you get back into the water after a break you still have the strength, endurance, and stamina to keep you going!

Surf instructor/host
Samantha Marchisin


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