Top 10 Most Influential Pinterest User, Bekka Palmer, Highlights CHICABRAVA

With over 8.6 million followers, it’s no wonder Bekka Palmer is considered one of the Most Influential People on Pinterest. Check out Bekka’s CHICABRAVA pins on Pinterest here, here and here! Also, read Bekka’s article on her experience with CHICABRAVA or view the PDF version here.

From Bekka: “We spent a lot of time chatting with Ashley, the founder of Chicabrava, and one of the things I appreciated most about her business is that she tries to work with the community, not against it […] instead of taking business from other surf schools, her goal is to bring people into the town that otherwise would never have come. Attracting her own set of tourists helps the local economy by bringing five to ten people into town each week that spend money at the local restaurants and shops. Besides being both conscious of and contributing to the local economy, she also provides programming for young girls in the country to learn to surf a few times each year.

The biggest difference between Chicabrava and other surf camps I have been to is Chicabrava’s approach to teaching. Their instructors are so well trained and they all use the same language and methods when teaching. They also break down the movements into a simple set of steps and have you do them over and over again on the beach to get your muscle memory in order before entering the water.”


Photo Cred: Bekka Palmer


Photo Cred: Bekka Palmertumblr_o5a3rkrxuk1ramp6jo2_540

Photo Cred: Bekka Palmer





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