Top 10 Awesome Gifts for Surfers

Sep 4, 17 • Newsletter

Contemplating what to gift your favorite surfer this holiday season? I’ve put together a short and sweet list of fun items that any surfer would be thrilled to have. From necessities to fun surprises, this list is sure to put a smile on their face!

Zinka Colored Sunscreen

This colored sunscreen is great for surfers! It’s water-resistant and comes in tubes, spray, and face stick.

Detangler Spray

Surfer girls are constantly brushing tangles out of their hair after an awesome surf session. Detangler spray, like this Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In Conditioner, is awesome for keeping our hair looking and feeling great, despite constantly being in salt water.


Travel Size SunblockTravel Size Sunblock

Surfers need a lot of sunblock. We’re constantly reapplying when we get out of the water to make sure we’re protected from the sun. Travel size tubes are easy to toss in a beach bag for easy use.

Surfboard Cover

Keeping your surfboard protected is important, so you might as well do it with style! Ocean & Earth has this really fun board cover available. If you’re buying one of these for the surfer in your life, just make sure you know how long their board is.


A New Bikini

Surfer girls love new bikinis! Especially if they’re surfing multiple times a week, it’s good to have multiple bikinis so we’re not constantly doing laundry. Try a surfer brand, such as Ripcurl, Billabong, or Hurley.



Take caution with this one: You have to know what the surfer in your life wants/needs here – she won’t just want any fin. If you know, though, a fin is a great idea! Try FCS or Futures Fins.


A Pro-Lite leash is an awesome gift for surfers. All surfers need them, and Pro-Lite is a fantastic brand.

Fin Key

These are small and easy to lose, so having a couple extra on hand is never a bad thing!


Wax and a Wax Comb

Surfers need to keep their boards waxed to keep them performing well. Something like this custom 6-pack from Sticky Bumps will make any surfer happy!

Paint Markers

Is your surfer an artist? Let her paint her own board with these fun markers!


Kelsey Cecil
Surf Instructor

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