Four Lovely Ladies at the Surf House

Sep 22, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories


This week we hosted four lovely ladies into our surf house. Katie, Kielle, and Jo, all friends from Canada came as beginners and left as some awesome lady surfers. We also had Allie from Australia who caught some pretty big waves this week.


We started the week nice and early as we headed to Playa Maderas for our first day. At the beach, Katie, Kielle, and Jo worked on mastering their pop up on the inside while Allie paddle to the outside to work on her paddling. After our session, the ladies headed back to surf house for an afternoon on the town. Dinner was at la Cerverceria and afterwards the ladies headed back to get ready for another surf filled day.


On Monday, the ladies headed to Playa Hermosa to work on mastering their pop ups and paddling for their owns waves. All the ladies did awesome and were advancing so much after just the first session. After surfing, the ladies had some time to relax before heading to Zen yoga for an evening yoga session. Yoga was followed by a happy hour with our wonderful instructor Lindsey.



By Tuesday, the swell had picked up but that did not stop Allie from paddling out in Playa Remanso. She did absolutely amazing as she pushed herself to go for some of the bigger set waves. You could hear all the girls cheering from the beach for her. After surfs up, the ladies headed to Tre Casa for a relaxing afternoon spent by the pool. Dinner was at Nica Thai which cured all the girl’s big appetites.


On Wednesday, Allie and Lindsey headed to Playa Remanso while Katie, Kielle, and Jo got to experience surfing in San Juan Del Surs bay!!! By this day the ladies were paddling and catching their own waves. The ladies enjoyed a relaxing yoga session at zen yoga and followed it by an authentic Nica meal at the chicken lady.



All the girls headed to Playa Hermosa on Thursday where they showed off what they have been leading the past couple of days. Kielle, Katie, and Jo worked on catching their own waves while Allie worked on angling. It was a great day for all! With it being Nicaragua’s Independence Day, the ladies enjoyed the town’s hustle and bustle. All the girls went to watch the parade before heading to El Timon.



The ladies headed back to Playa Hermosa for their final day at CHICABRAVA. All the girls had some much fun working on what they learned from the past week. After massages, all the ladies headed to el pollo peacado for their final meal.

Samantha Marchisin
Host/ Surf Instructor

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