16-Strong All-week Long at the Surf House!

Nov 13, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

What a wonderful week with so many amazing ladies. This week we enjoyed the company of eleven women in our surf house location. We had a fun mix of beginner to advanced beginners, all some way or another interconnected from friends of friends. The week was more than we could have ever expected and definitely what we would consider super successful.

Beginning with day one, we split our ladies up into smaller groups who would work with each of our instructors daily. Throughout the week we would rotate groups with our instructors so that everyone could enjoy the company of each other.

CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat Weekly Stories

Day one we focused a great deal on the pop-up on the inside, white water. This allowed each of our women to gain confidence and the muscle memory we would need later in the week. By day two, our chicas were already paddling out to the outside of Playa Hermosa and working on mastering their pop ups and getting familiar with the new feeling of catching open, green waves.


We spent the next few days in Playa Remanso where each individual continued to progress to angling down the face of the wave. Friday was all about having fun and finding our surf style and although we had a large swell we managed to find the best of both worlds and surf the bay of San Juan. What a perfect decision as the bay provided us beautiful open waves all morning. To sum up the week… just amazing!

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We couldn’t be more proud of our ladies for pushing themselves, stepping out of their comfort zones and trusting in us as their surf instructors all week long. We truly appreciate everything you have taught us this week and we hope that you continue with your surfing career and of course com back to visit!

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