It’s All About Fun: Weekly Surf Camp – August 4

Aug 7, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

Weekly surf camp story: August 4 - The group!

This week we had the pleasure to welcome 2 badass chicas from United States: Angie and Carol. This week was about getting out of our comfort zone and accomplishing multiple goals.


On the first day with the girls, we assigned boards for the girls and went to beautiful playa Hermosa. The waves were pretty big on that day so it was a challenge to get out there. We were learning how to be comfortable in the water and practicing the pop-ups. The girls did an amazing job and after 2 hours of surfing, they really got more comfortable out there. Since we went early to the beach and had nothing else but dinner planned for the day, we stayed all day long over there, eating ceviche, drinking smoothies and relaxing. After the whole day at the beach, we came back to town and had really good food at the local brewery.


On Monday morning, the ladies had their first yoga classes. They absolutely loved it! We then did theory lessons at Surf house with some video reviews from the girls surfing the day before. Afterwards, we took our boards and went surfing again in playa Hermosa to work on our respective goals. It was still big, but the girls were more comfortable and practicing their pop-up again. After surfing a solid hour, we were a bit tired and by the time we ate our lunch, a huge storm came in so we couldn’t go back in the water. It was a powerful and beautiful spectacle from Mother Nature, seeing all the lightings from the beach. After the storm calmed down, we came back to town and had dinner.

Weekly surf camp story: August 4 - At Camp


Tuesday was the time to discover a new surf break for the ladies. We went surfing at playa Remanso! Since we didn’t surf as much as usual on Monday, we wanted to catch back today. We surfed 2 solid sessions of an hour and a half. The girls were practicing to paddle into their own white-water waves, standing up, and riding them all the way to the beach. It was really good to see the girls improve this much after only 3 days of surfing. After this much success surfing this day, we all had a Toña (local beer) at the beach to celebrate this beautiful day. We then came back to town and had dinner at this cute vegan restaurant. The food was incredible. Afterwards, we came back home and had a good sleep.


This morning, the girls were super stoked to go surfing and practice what they learned the day before. We did theory about wave science and types of breaks and video reviews of the girls surfing the day before. At 8:30am we were at the beach and had the entire ocean to our self. We surfed A LOT again this day. Angie and Carol were both ready to go surf the outside this day. It was a big challenge for them since it was their first time passing the break but they did an amazing job and were then super proud of them self afterwards. The feeling catching your first wave from the outside is the best feeling in the world, and the girls could have experienced it this day. Once again, we came back to the beach after 3 hours of surfing with the biggest smile in our face. Afterwards, we came back to town around 4 so the girls could go to their second yoga class, which was amazing once again. Later, they had dinner in this cute restaurant with healthy food and watch a movie at surf house. What a nice day 😊

Weekly surf camp story: August 4 - In the Water


Thursday was one of the best days of the week. We went surfing to playa Remanso early and the ladies nailed it. They surfed a lot and had really good waves. There were still mastering the outside surfing and mastering their pop-ups on bigger waves. After catching so many waves, we had to go back to town so the girls could get smoothies before heading up to the CATAMARAN! It was a perfect day for it, sunny, but not too hot. They had such a good experience out there, eating ceviche, drinking Mai-Tai and relaxing after a week full of surfing. The ladies came back at the same time as the sun went down. It was the most beautiful sunset of the week. After this productive day, we got pizza and went sleeping early. The next day was the last one of surfing and we wanted to be top shape for it.


Last day of surfing! We started the day with a little hike to the Cristo, which is on top of the mountain where you have the best view of San Juan Del Sur and its surrounding. It was a refreshing way to start the day. We then got back to Surf House to get our boards and head to playa Remanso. We surfed a first hour and a half and catch soooo many good waves. There wasn’t a lot of people which was amazing on a perfect day like it was. After a little snack break we came back for a second hour and once again surfed a lot. We were all really satisfied with our performance. We then got smoothies and head back to town so the girls could have some shopping time. They then got their massage of the week which was REALLY needed hehe. A lot of surf means a lot of fun, but also sore muscles because it’s a good exercise. Once their massage was over, everyone went to have dinner at sunset hour in a restaurant on the beach. We all got huge plates of seafood with sangria and local beers. It was a perfect way to end the week.

Weekly surf camp story: August 4 - Surfing!

Last week was full of good waves and a lot of fun. We are really proud of you girls, you improved so much, sometime pushing your limits a little over what you would usually do, but this is why you got better this fast. Just keep pushing it always, you will get better results in every part of your life. Thanks for staying with us ! 😊

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