Sorority Surf Sisters at CHICABRAVA: July 1 Weekly Retreat Story 

Jul 12, 17 • Weekly Camp Stories

Weekly Surf Retreat Story at CHICABRAVA

What a beautiful week with such beautiful ladies. We had the pleasure of hosting three amazing women at our cloud farm location. Laurie, Grace and Vee joined us for a week of surf and lots and lots of smiles.


Sunday we started our week in Playa Hermosa. We spent the entire day getting to know each other and learning all about how our week would play out. We began mastering our pop up on white water waves on the inside. After a few hours of surf and fun rides we decided to call it a day and return for dinner and an early night of sleep.

Monday & Tuesday

Weekly Surf Retreat Story at CHICABRAVA

Monday and Tuesday quickly approached. We had all three of our chicas on the outside of Playa Remanso catching more than impressive waves. The pop ups were solid, the smiles were endless, and the stoke was higher than ever. We were so happy to have such great waves in Remanso that we decided to return the following days.

A Week of Yoga & Amazing Meals

Throughout the week we did fun yoga sessions on the hill, made our way around the town checking out some of our favorite local stores, and drinking fresh coconuts (they were literally cut by a machete as we pulled up in our truck to buy them). We also ate countless delicious meals up in the farm and enjoyed an ever so great dinner in our favorite restaurant El Tímon. The best part of it all… We celebrated our girl Grace’s birthday with cake, signing by all the staff, and salsa dancing on stage with all of our friends and family (the cloud farm staff was more like family this week). The party didn’t stop on Thursday at El Timon, we continued to keep it going with drinks on Friday evening. Parlour drinks and dancing in Iguana.. oh man, we had fun!

Back to surfing… sorry.. I got a bit off track as we had such a fun week doing all kinds of activities.


Weekly Surf Retreat Story at CHICABRAVA

By Friday afternoon, our beautiful ladies were feeling confident and humbled to be out on the outside of Remanso catching waves and using all the tools they had learned all week long to make the best rides. I know I speak for everyone when I say we were all so so proud of you girls for charging those big sets that came through the second hour of surf on our last day. You ladies rock!

Last but not least. I want to highlight my favorite quote from this week, “My body is tired but my spirit is not.” When Laurie said this, I couldn’t imagine relating any more. Sometimes our bodies are tired, we have reached our limits, but the spirit inside of us keeps pushing us and propels us to improve in ways we didn’t even know were possible. We are amazing women and truly deserve a around of applause for such a great week of pushing ourselves and overcoming fears. 

To my ladies, go get yourself an ankle and put it on your right ankle. You’ve officially been graduated into our sorority hahaha. Now let the hazing begin. JUST KIDDING! On a serious note, thank you for a great week. Keep pushing, keep surfing and always keep smiling. We can’t wait to see you all back here with us in CHICABRAVA by the next year. We want all of you tandem surfing with Marie and I for an epic go pro shot next year (; Wear your red bikinis!

Thank you all for such an amazing time. We were lucky to have met you ladies and shared such great memories.

With love,

Kelsey Cecil
Surf Instructor/Host

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  1. anna marie brookins says:

    Kek ~ Well written, felt like I was there! Look forward to your posts. xo

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