Women Vacationing Alone

Traveling alone is something that many women are skeptical of doing and for good reason. There are plenty of dangers that a lone woman could encounter in the world. If you’ve just gotten over a bad breakup or simply need some time to recoup and discover yourself, though, you might be overdue for a solo trip. Still, solo women must be careful in selecting places to travel alone. Fortunately, there are still friendly places in the world where single women can travel alone without fear, such as Chica Brava where we host solo women travelers often.

Chica Brava is an all-woman surf retreat located in Nicaragua. Adventurous women who want to travel on their own without having to worry about safety can feel secure in traveling to Chica Brava. This girls-only surf and yoga retreat is perfect for women who need a break from the mundane monotony of everyday life but who don’t have a travel companion to accompany them.

Travel Safely

Chica Brava is located in the charming town of San Juan del Sur, which is on the southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. It’s approximately two hours from the capital city, Managua and just 30 minutes north of the border of Costa Rica. Honduras is located just north of the area. Part of what Nicaragua such a safe location to travel to is that it is the largest country in Central America, but it is only slightly larger than the state of New York in the U.S. It was once a fishing village, but now it’s known for its fabulous attractions, such as its beaches, cuisine, nightlife and surfing. It offers you all the amenities you could want without losing its friendly, small-town feel.

Single Woman Travel

Traveling to an all-girls camp is ideal for women traveling alone because they’ll all instantly have something in common: that they’re women traveling alone. You’ll easily be able to identify with other visitors of the surf retreat, and you could end up making lifelong friends there. Enjoy surfing world-class waves, authentic local cuisine, yoga, soothing massages, spectacular accommodations and many other exciting activities in a safe environment filled with other solo-traveling women like yourself.

Going to a retreat such as this could be just the break you need to discover yourself and engage in a bit of adventure. At Chica Brava, you can let go from all the worries of everyday life and focus on yourself. You’ll be greeted in style from the moment you step off the plane and are greeted by our staff members who will ensure that your trip is extraordinary from beginning to end.

Chica Brava’s surfing program is unparalleled with packages tailored to all surfing levels. No matter whether you’re a beginner surfer, intermediate one or experienced one, Chica Brava has the surfboards, vehicles and other resources to create you a customized surfing experience that fits your needs. The surfing program comes complete with goal setting, daily surf theory lessons, daily in-water training, hourly feedback sessions and video review analysis sessions to ensure that by the time you go home you’ll feel empowered and restored by the surfing skills that you’ve learned.

Take control of your life today. You can safely travel alone on the road to self-discovery and empowerment by visiting Chica Brava. Make a reservation today or contact us for more information about our solo surf retreat packages.