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Nicaragua’s First and Best Surf Retreat for Women

Welcome to CHICABRAVA®, the first and best surf retreat in Nicaragua exclusively for women. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you will be challenged, empowered, and come away knowing you are capable of more than you thought.

CHICABRAVA women’s surf retreat is principally located in the quaint fishing village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, only 30 minutes north of Costa Rica in Central America. Our surf retreat program is unparalleled and includes surfing world class waves, comfortable accommodations, authentic local cuisine, yoga, soothing massage, and a variety of exciting activities in a safe environment.

From the moment we greet you at the airport in Nicaragua until we send you off in style, our lively staff is committed to making sure that your journey is both amazing and unforgettable!

Get Stoked… in Style™ at our Nicaragua Surf Retreat!

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The finest all girls surf retreat and womens surf camp Nicaragua has to offer!

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  • “Best Mother/Daughter Vacation Ever” – 5 stars

    "I booked this trip based on what the other reviewers had said about the surf camp, and it exceeded my expectations! With the opportunities for Mother/ Daughter adventures dwindling as my daughter is starting her own way in life, this was the perfect combination of activity and down time that we both wanted. AND the staff!!! Enough cannot be said about the attentiveness of the instructors and Anna, the manager. They were available at all times to make sure we were having fun whether we were in the water or just wandering around town, showing us the best places to eat, shop, etc. In the end, being able to "stand" and take those brief, but sweet, rides on the waves was just the cherry on top of such an amazing experience! I'm already trying to figure out my schedule so I can return for another session of Camp!" - Christi Fig, Portland, OR, Surf House 07/02/16-07/09/16
  • “Amazing instructors, accommodation, and surfing.” – 5 stars

    "The instructors at Chicabrava, first and foremost, are outstanding [...] The accommodations were great - The Cloud Farm was absolutely breathtaking, with service so great i felt continually spoiled. The Surfhouse was more low-key, but still decorated great and clean, with excellent wifi and great community spaces, and a wonderful location. Beaches were fantastic - loved the diversity of settings we had the opportunity to surf at, and learning about each break and what each had to offer. An incredible experience! Difficult to really suggest any improvements to the whole package!" - Brynn Utela, Ashford, WA, Cloud Farm 06/25/16-07/02/16
  • “Unique, Empowering Trip” – 5 stars

    "What a wonderful experience for my life! I had never surfed before, but wanted to try something new and adventurous. An old friend recommended CHICABRAVA, we went together, and it was incredible. All of the staff do everything they can to make your week wonderful--teaching the theory behind surfing, supporting you out there in the water, and sharing local culture with you. It is empowering, and they will do everything they can to make your experience memorable. Patient teachers, enthusiasm, and getting to know the ocean in a new way. Cannot recommend it highly enough! Yay for Chicabrava!" - Kristin Cahill, Kingston, NJ, Surf House 07/16/16-07/23/16
  • “Amazing Trip!” – 5 Stars

    "CHICABRAVA was the most amazing experience. From the stay at the Cloud Farm (with a fantastic view) to the surfing. The instructors are excellent, beyond attentive, patient, make sure you are safe in the water and [are] your own personal cheerleaders in learning to surf! We visited amazing beaches and they worked so hard to accommodate all levels and make sure everyone had a great time. I found surf theory lessons to be helpful, now I know now to read surf reports. I'm already planning to return next year!" - Tess Lannoy, San Francisco, CA, Cloud Farm 06/25/16-07/02/16
  • “Sweeter than Candy…” -5 stars!

    "Returning to Chica Brava was a pleasure :) The travel details, from booking the dates to catching my flight home (Noooo!) were attended to with ease, organization and clear communication. I loved having another week of CHICABRAVA-focused attention on my technical surfing - specific to areas in which I needed to focus most each day. Yes! This week built my confidence as a surfer, and sweetened my outlook on life...Again! The best was sharing time in the water surfing with the Chicas Bravas wonder team, and being at the beach for sunset every day...sweeter than candy!" - Leslie Scates, Houston, TX, Surf House 05/14/16-05/21/16
  • “Hang Ten!” – 5 stars

    “I give this surf camp a hang ten stars!!! It all begins when your lovely driver greets you at the airport and heads out to the surf camp about 2.5 hours away. He'll stop midway in Granada for a bite to eat where you can roam colorful streets, Toña in hand, meet some locals and become newly acquainted with your new surf buds. Following Granada, you'll arrive in San Juan del Sur, and sunshine by the name of Anna greets you at the Chicabrava headquarters (Surf House in downtown San Juan del Sur) with chilled glasses of Hibiscus tea. Cheers!I came to this surf retreat a very beginner surfer and left just one week later feeling more confident, strong, and experienced. The surf instructors are fun, attentive, caring, knowledgeable, and awesome. If you love surfing, you will love this camp. If you don't know you love surfing, you will love this camp and probably fall in love with surfing too.The house is brimming with surf atmosphere and stoke. The board room is seriously the best. I felt like a kid in a candy store every minute. Our days were well organized with a delicious breakfast around 6am, class (surf theory) and video review, then a few hours of surf instruction and chasing waves. By about 2pm, we were free to roam the town, yoga / massage, pools, bars, activities, whatever you felt like doing. Sometimes, you just needed a nap to replenish your energy and rest your sore (everything) too. It's super well organized with thoughtful activities, like cultural night, visiting a local circus group, trust building exercises, and just straight up chilling with gelato, donuts, and your new friends. If you love dogs, you'll make some of those friends too. :) I highly recommend this wonderful surf camp and location in Nicaragua (it's beautiful). Kudos to Ashley, her Mom, and her amazing team of surf Chica Bravas! I can't wait to return.” - Staci Lynn, Philadelphia, PA, Surf House 05/28/16-06/04/16
  • “Always the best” – 5 stars

    “This was my second trip to nicaragua with CHICABRAVA and just like the first they were amazing! They will go above and beyond to accommodate you and make sure you're having a great time. The instructors are attentive and patient. Im already planning next years trip!” - Norylu Masculino, Jacksonville, FL, Surf House 05/14/16-05/21/16
  • “ABSOLUTE BEST Surf Camp Experience Possible!!!!” – 5 stars

    "I signed up for chicabrava simply because I thought it would be fun to learn to surf and saw great reviews on tripadvisor. I am SO glad I chose this camp. The women staying at the camp were phenomenal, independent, caring, and so much fun. All of the instructors were so attentive and the camp makes sure that you are ALWAYS safe in the water. The theory lessons were extremely helpful and I was up on a board the first day we were surfing. They planned out places for us to eat if we wanted recommendations and always made sure we were taken care of. The accommodations are very clean and SO cute - I loved the room I stayed in and the common areas are wonderful as well - the air conditioning was a great addition as well. The staff, founder, and instructors were all inspiring and hilariously fun. The breakfasts were also DELICIOUS! I definitely made friends I will keep in touch with and will never forget this experience! Thank you SO much Chicabrava!!!!!!!!" - Jessica Chen, New York, NY, Surf House 6/11-6/18/16
  • “Beyond expectations!” -5 stars

    "I can not say enough amazing things about this surf camp. I learned to surf with the most amazing and inspiring women/instructors. The instructors are encouraging, positive, professional and fun. I was lucky to learn from all the instructors Marie-Soleil, Angie, Elsi, Steph and Shay. They build up your surfing skills each day with theory class, video review and of course in water application.Stay at the cloud farm for a week in April. The house was amazing – complete with infinity pool, great view of SJDS, delicious meals and laundry service. Almost everything in the house was sourced from the cloud farm community, from the furniture/linens to the food. We went to a variety of beaches in the area - the most scenic surf was the sunset session on Playa Maderas.CB is not just a surf camp, it was a unique experience which included yoga, message, trip to the Jesus statue, culture night, and bar hopping night. They organize a wide variety of excursions on your behalf such as Canopy tours, horseback rides, aerial silks, and much more. Did I mention how awesome the instructors are?!" - Hannah Ling, Maple, Ontario, Cloud Farm, 04/09/16-04/16/16
  • “Positive and rewarding experience of a lifetime!” – 5 stars

    “There are so many positives to share about my experience at Chicabrava it’s difficult to know where to start. In short, the staff and instructors were outstanding, the accommodations and food were great, and the attention to detail from registration through to departure and follow up; all excellent. I’m a big reader of reviews but have never written many (okay… almost none) but this experience has inspired me to take the time so others can use it to help in their decision making process.I’m 53 years old and became a widow 2.5 years ago after 29 years of marriage and slowly (and painfully) trying to find my new stride. I started researching fitness camps in March 2016 and somehow got inspired by the idea of Surf Camp (great reviews helped) and quickly booked my trip to Chicabrava for the first two weeks of May 2016. I came to Chicabrava for a new challenge and escape, but achieved so much more. I will definitely make it back again, and would even consider bringing along my 3 adult age sons for a co-ed week at Chicabrava (something they do occasionally at Chicabrava).The following are some insights to hopefully help others considering Chicabrava:Chicabrava is an all-women’s surf camp designed to be a challenging yet fun and soul enriching experience, despite your age and level of surfing experience. First and foremost, the staff and quality of instruction were far above any level I ever imagined. They genuinely care about their guests/students, take pride in their work, and focus on making it a fun and rewarding experience. I have been involved in sports since I was very young but after several years of being a caregiver for my late husband (and desk job in software technology) I wasn’t sure how far or fast I could progress. I was a complete surfing newbie (never touched a board) but they somehow had me up on a small wave day 1 and on to larger waves by the end of the week. I happened to stay a 2nd week and was able to enjoy the larger outside waves and focus on technique and gradually learning more surfing maneuvers (down the line, right, left, etc.). The key thing is that it doesn’t matter where you start or how fast you progress, the team is very patient and inspiring throughout the process. The ratio was almost always 1 or 2 students per instructor which was great. Even 3 to 1 made for a great experience. I was so inspired by the instructors (most in mid to late twenties) who are doing what they love, and doing it with compassion as well as passion. We had a lot of fun!The instruction is comprehensive and includes surf theory (waves, tides, winds etc.) and important safety topics. A strong testimony came from fellow campers (beginner and advanced) who had been through a variety of surf instruction in the past. They emphasized how superior the instruction was at Chicabrava by comparison. The instructors are from all over the globe with diverse personalities and backgrounds, but all meshed together well contributing to a fun and exciting week (in my case 2 weeks). It really is an experience hard to put in words. In the process I know I have made some life-long friends among the staff/instructors and fellow campers. The camp group spanned multiple generations including women from their 20’s to mid-50’s with both young and old providing inspiration and encouragement. Most people share a room (you can pay extra for a private one) but it worked out fine since you are so tired after surfing, falling asleep is easy.A big hats off to Ashley who started Chicabrava many years ago. What a great concept resulting in a great experience for so many women. I would have never traveled to Nicaragua on my own to learn how to surf but a well-structured “all women’s” camp made it possible. It’s not all about surfing, I also did things like Zip-lining, language classes, and volunteered at a local school. You have options.I stayed one week at each of the two Chicabrava locations, 1) the plush and serene accommodation’s at Cloud Farm up in the hills with a fantastic view, and 2) the more basic but clean and charming Surf House right in the middle of town, in San Juan Del Sur. I am glad I stayed at both but would choose Surf House next time as I appreciate the convenience of being in town and enjoying the shops, restaurants, and local culture. The Nicaraguan people are very welcoming and really appreciate any visitor attempts to speak Spanish. It’s important to remember you are going to a 3rd world country, this is not a pampering Ritz-Carlton experience. You will work hard but it will be rewarding. The accommodations are very nice and clean, and I felt completely safe the entire time. The provided meals ranged from good to great.If you are half considering this I say book now, you won’t regret it.” - Gayla Todd, Springfield, IL, Cloud Farm and Surf House, 04/30/16-05/14/16

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