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Nicaragua’s First and Best Surf Retreat for Women…

Welcome to CHICABRAVA®, the first and best all women’s surf camp in Nicaragua, Central America. CHICABRAVA is an elite surf retreat for adventurous women who appreciate comfort as well as challenge. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you will be challenged and come away knowing you are capable of more than you thought.

CHICABRAVA women’s surf retreat is principally located in the quaint fishing village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, only 30 minutes north of Costa Rica. Our surf retreat program is unparalleled and includes surfing world class waves and enjoying spectacular accommodations, authentic local cuisine, yoga, soothing massage, and a variety of exciting activities in a safe environment whether you are by yourself or with a group.

From the moment we greet you at the airport until we send you off in style, our lively staff is committed to making sure that your journey is both amazing and unforgettable!

Get Stoked… in Style™ at our Nicaragua Surf Camp!

The finest all girls surf retreat and womens surf camp Nicaragua has to offer!

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  • “AMAZING” – 5 stars

    "As much as I'd love to keep this a secret so I can book it again whenever I want... CHICABRAVA was hands-down one of the best holiday's I've ever had. Great people, incredibly well organized, good food, good waves, clean and spacious accommodation, and just SO MUCH FUN!!" -Rachel P., Australia. Surf House, August 2015
  • “SO much fun!” – 5 stars

    "I cannot say enough great things about CHICABRAVA. You spend your week surfing at beautiful beaches, making new friends, hanging out with a great staff who makes sure your week is perfect and fun, and staying in a great house that is clean and close to everything you need and/or want. I started planning a return trip before I left. I highly recommend booking this trip-you will not regret the decision. The surfing instruction is first class. You spend your time in a small group (2-3 total) with people at a similar level and an instructor that will make sure you catch waves. Everyone is super encouraging in the water and you cannot help but smile and laugh all day. This is a really well run camp and a truly unique vacation. I cannot say enough nice things about Chicabrava and the ladies that make it such a special place. I have not laughed so much in one week ever and cannot stop talking about my return. Just go!" -Ann-Maire V., Reno, NV. Surf House, August 2015 
  • “Quite possibly the best trip I’ve ever taken!” – 5 stars

    "I went into this experience hoping to meet a couple of cool girls and improve my surfing. What ended up happening was SO MUCH MORE!" -Reagan H., Denver, CO. Surf House, August 2015. 
  • “Just Go” – 5 stars

    "I have been trying to think of words to describe CHICABRAVA but nothing can come close to what the experience is like. I traveled with a large group (11 women) of 40 somethings, mostly moms. We spend our days nurturing and taking care of others while trying to slice out a bit of time for ourselves from our hectic lives. Every one of us came back from this trip renewed and grateful, ready for whatever may come down the pipeline. All the instructors and hosts are simply amazing human beings. They know how to encourage and teach in a way that makes it about impossible not to end up surfing. But it is more than that... they help in renewing your soul." -Jenny P., Austin, TX. Cloud Farm 40+, July 2015
  • “It’ll change your life….if you let it!” – 5 stars

    “If you find yourself at a crossroads in life where you just don't know what's next or whether you just need a break from all of your responsibilities back home, I can't encourage you enough to come here! You'll learn how to master the pop-up, read a right versus a left, how to turtle roll and many, many more aspects of surfing theory. Most importantly, however, you'll learn just how much of a metaphor surfing is for life and I can't think of anyone who does it better than the girls at ChicaBrava! Each member of the ChicaBrava family is just as different as the next....they all have different stories and come from all different walks of life. No matter the differences, one truth remains the same: as much as they each love surfing, they even more fiercely love teaching you about life through surfing.” Read the entire review here. -Stephanie T., San Diego, CA. Surf House, July 2015
  • “Awesome for beginners through to advanced surfer-girls!” – 5 stars

    I just turned 46, and have become all about overcoming things that scare me; surfing was one of those things... I had never even been in a room with surfboards before arriving at ChicaBrava, but here's the thing: I was standing up, riding a little green wave in the whitewash ON THE FIRST DAY! The friend I travelled with and I are already planning a return trip for 2016. It's life-affirming to do something for the first time; even more so to do it with moderate success thanks to genuinely lovely, patient and gifted instruction. So good. As someone well-travelled, I can easily say it was one of the best trips, ever! -Carrie G., Calgary, Canada. Cloud Farm, July 2015
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  • “Best Trip Ever!!!”- 5 stars

    “Chicabrava is truly an amazing place where you'll discover new friends, new courage, new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether I was in the water or on land, the Chicabrava crew always made me feel welcome, safe and supported, which gave me the space to discover new things about my surfing and myself.” -Heather D, Roanoke, VA. Surf House, June 2015
  • “Can’t Wait to go Back!”- 5 stars

    “If you are thinking about booking a camp at Chica Brava, stop thinking and just do it. You won't regret it. San Juan del Sur is of course a great location to surf, but the girls who run the camp and the instructors make this one of the best things you can do for yourself. From the time you arrive at the airport until the time you leave, you have your choice of being as adventurous as you want or of leaving all the planning and decision making up to them (they provide an itinerary with suggestions for when you are not in the water). As a beginner surfer I also really appreciated how much they broke things down and made sure that the fundamentals were solid so that I could take those home and continue to work on them. From the first day you have the choice of going back out on your own without any hands on instruction, which really helped me build confidence in the water. I feel like I improved so much in the one week, and am already planning a return trip for later this year. Ladies- you are awesome. Thank you so much for an incredible week.” -Maiella O, Houston, TX. Surf House, July 2015
  • “Best. Trip. Ever!”- 5 Stars

    “I seriously never thought I'd have this much fun on a trip! I've never surfed before in my life and this was my first trip to Central America so it was a lot of new experiences for me. The Cloud Farm and Chica Brava staff are awesome. From the fast and easy transport at the Managua airport to the food to the surf, I have no complaints at all. If you're looking for a separated, Americanized, elitist tourist spot, this isn't for you. Chica Brava is part of the San Juan del Sur community and getting to be in that was a bonus to the trip. The location is safe and secure, the people are so friendly, and the food is great. Yes, there are bugs, rolling brownouts, and no A/C, but we were there in July and we didn't need it. Its not the Ritz, but Cloud Farm is very clean, the house staff cook AMAZING delicious food, and the setting is stunning. Surf lessons were a blast! The staff is smart- they know what days to go to which beaches and accommodate the comfort level of their guests to a T. We had a big group of 15 women from 25-55years old and we ALL successfully surfed the outside by mid week. I'm so stoked I'm ready to buy my own board! I seriously can't say enough nice things, and am already ready to book a trip for next year! Remember: Don't pack too many clothes, bring sunscreen and bug spray, plenty of cash for tipping the amazing staff and buying goodies in San Juan, and be prepared for an awesome time. You get yoga, massages, surfing, and organic food for a week. What more could you want??” -Jenny P., Austin, TX. Cloud Farm, July 2015

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