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Welcome to CHICABRAVA®, the first and best all girls surf camp in Nicaragua, Central America. CHICABRAVA is an elite surf and yoga retreat for adventurous women who appreciate comfort as well as challenge. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you will be challenged and come away knowing you are capable of more than you thought.

CHICABRAVA all girls surf camp is principally located in the quaint fishing village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, only 30 minutes north of Costa Rica. We offer a variety of surf/travel packages, which include surfing world class waves, spectacular accommodations, authentic local cuisine, yoga, soothing massage, and a variety of exciting activities in a safe environment.

From the moment we greet you at the airport until we send you off in style, our lively staff is committed to making sure that your journey is both amazing and unforgettable!

All you need to do is ask yourself… Are you CHICABRAVA?

The finest all girls surf retreat and womens surf camp Nicaragua has to offer!

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  • “Best Trip Ever!!!”- 5 stars

    “Chicabrava is truly an amazing place where you'll discover new friends, new courage, new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether I was in the water or on land, the Chicabrava crew always made me feel welcome, safe and supported, which gave me the space to discover new things about my surfing and myself.” -Heather D, Roanoke, VA. Surf House, June 2015
  • “Can’t Wait to go Back!”- 5 stars

    “If you are thinking about booking a camp at Chica Brava, stop thinking and just do it. You won't regret it. San Juan del Sur is of course a great location to surf, but the girls who run the camp and the instructors make this one of the best things you can do for yourself. From the time you arrive at the airport until the time you leave, you have your choice of being as adventurous as you want or of leaving all the planning and decision making up to them (they provide an itinerary with suggestions for when you are not in the water). As a beginner surfer I also really appreciated how much they broke things down and made sure that the fundamentals were solid so that I could take those home and continue to work on them. From the first day you have the choice of going back out on your own without any hands on instruction, which really helped me build confidence in the water. I feel like I improved so much in the one week, and am already planning a return trip for later this year. Ladies- you are awesome. Thank you so much for an incredible week.” -Maiella O, Houston, TX. Surf House, July 2015
  • “Best. Trip. Ever!”- 5 Stars

    “I seriously never thought I'd have this much fun on a trip! I've never surfed before in my life and this was my first trip to Central America so it was a lot of new experiences for me. The Cloud Farm and Chica Brava staff are awesome. From the fast and easy transport at the Managua airport to the food to the surf, I have no complaints at all. If you're looking for a separated, Americanized, elitist tourist spot, this isn't for you. Chica Brava is part of the San Juan del Sur community and getting to be in that was a bonus to the trip. The location is safe and secure, the people are so friendly, and the food is great. Yes, there are bugs, rolling brownouts, and no A/C, but we were there in July and we didn't need it. Its not the Ritz, but Cloud Farm is very clean, the house staff cook AMAZING delicious food, and the setting is stunning. Surf lessons were a blast! The staff is smart- they know what days to go to which beaches and accommodate the comfort level of their guests to a T. We had a big group of 15 women from 25-55years old and we ALL successfully surfed the outside by mid week. I'm so stoked I'm ready to buy my own board! I seriously can't say enough nice things, and am already ready to book a trip for next year! Remember: Don't pack too many clothes, bring sunscreen and bug spray, plenty of cash for tipping the amazing staff and buying goodies in San Juan, and be prepared for an awesome time. You get yoga, massages, surfing, and organic food for a week. What more could you want??” -Jenny P., Austin, TX. Cloud Farm, July 2015
  • “Surf and Yoga Retreat” – 5 Stars

    “Perfect mix of adventure and luxury. Went to the camp totally by myself and was surprised on how it far surpassed all my expectations! From the great hosts and instructors, to the tons of surfing on PERFECT waves, to the beautiful cloud farm with organic food (all from the farm) to yoga and massages...I felt like I was on a honeymoon with myself. Magical, unforgettable experience I would recommend to anyone!!!” Lindsay A., (city), NY. Cloud Farm, July 2015
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  • “Fantastic intro to surfing!!”- 5 stars

    "I attended the CHICABRAVA surf camp Nov. 10th-17th, and I stayed at the Cloud Farm. It was an amazing experience - I attended with five other girls, all solo travelers like myself, and we bonded immediately and had a great time together! Before this trip I had only surfed once before, but the instruction I received was so good that I improved immensely over the week, surpassing my expectations. The instructors were incredibly nice and patient, and provided specific instruction that helped me perfect my pop-up by the end of the week and catch waves that I identified myself. After this week I definitely feel ready to start surfing more seriously at home. The food was great, and the Cloud Farm was amazing - I highly recommend the horseback ride around the property. I also thought the balance between surfing and other activities was great - I had plenty of time to relax, shop, and check out San Juan del Sur. I definitely plan to go back in the future!” —Karen B., Oakland, CA. Cloud Farm, Nov 2012
  • “I cannot say enough good things about CHICABRAVA!” – 5 stars

    “This establishment more than lived up to my expectations. I stayed at the Surf House in town, and the accommodations were immaculate. Our house mother, Walkiria, kept the place very clean and neat, and fed us the most amazing breakfasts. The open windows with the consistent breeze from Lake Nicaragua were always refreshing. As expected, staying in town was a beehive of activity with plenty of restaurants, Tona, and ceviche. The scene isn't quiet by any stretch, and if you like to go out and dance till the early hours of the morning, it's nice to be able to walk a few blocks to the retreat of your bed! (…) CHICABRAVA has an alternative accommodation at their Cloud Farm location, which will give you that quiet, mellow retreat experience. It's located on a private, sustainable farm complete with a fishery, and plenty of gardens with local fruits and vegetables. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and away from the bustle of activity in San Jaun del Sur. As for the instructors and the organization of the surf camp, everything was exceptional! We had about 20 hours of water time, and our instructors were knowledgeable and patient. They were professional when they needed to be, and a hell of a lot of fun when not in instructor mode! We had a professional photographer for 3 days of the camp, and he captured some great shots. There was a well-planned schedule for each day, but it was always flexible and subject to change if needed. You won't regret this experience. CHICABRAVA is top notch.” Nicole D., Seattle, WA. Surf House, Sept 2012
  • “AMAZING Solo Adventure!!!” – 5 stars

    “CHICABRAVA was my first solo travel adventure. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I spent the week with 5 other solo travelers at the Cloud Farm, which was just gorgeous. In addition to learning how to surf (after never touching a surfboard I finally caught a wave, what a feeling!), we went horseback riding through the jungle, zip-lining on a canopy tour, and even learned to milk a cow - we were on a farm after all! The views were breathtaking. Every meal we ate was prepared from ingredients grown right on the farm; the house staff truly took care of us. I felt safe and comfortable the entire week, and loved that the point of this camp is to challenge yourself and conquer fears (which I believe I did). I can't say enough good things about this camp. I looked it up 3 years ago and finally did it, but I say if you're even thinking of it, DO IT. Great experience!” Kelly M., Shamokin, PE. Cloud Farm, Nov 2012
  • “CHICABRAVA- Best Week Ever!!!” – 5 stars

    “If you want a relaxing, calm, therapeutic, rejuvenating experience, come here. The staff is so knowledgeable about Nicaragua, local customs and food, surfing and the surrounding areas. I would recommend the Cloud Farm if you need a get-away combined with a fantastic learning experience. The housing was clean, spacious and very well kept. The activities were well planned, relaxing, with the right amount of challenge. I have done a lot of travel in my life and would deem this one of the best trips of my life.” Savannah V., Jackson, WY. Cloud Farm, Nov 2012
  • “We absolutely loved it and we will be back. We had so much fun and the surf was great.” – 5 stars

    "CHICABRAVA was well informed of all the surf spots and when to go. It was tide dependent and they knew it all. We were so surfed out by the end of the week. We had the best trip and best surf. The staff was incredible and knowledgeable and went out of their way to satisfy us. This was a great decision and now we have really good friends for life there. Again, the staff was excellent along with the owner. We had a fantastic trip and would suggest CHICABRAVA to all. Thank you for all that you did for us and the lasting memories." —Cathy McCracken, Paia, HI. Cloud Farm, June 2011

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