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Nicaragua’s First and Best Surf Retreat for Women

Welcome to CHICABRAVA®, the first and best surf retreat in Nicaragua exclusively for women. Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer, you will be challenged, empowered, and come away knowing you are capable of more than you thought.

CHICABRAVA women’s surf camp is principally located in the quaint fishing village of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, only 30 minutes north of Costa Rica in Central America. Our surf retreat program is unparalleled and includes surfing world class waves, comfortable accommodations, authentic local cuisine, yoga, soothing massage, and a variety of exciting activities in a safe environment.

From the moment we greet you at the airport in Nicaragua until we send you off in style, our lively staff is committed to making sure that your journey is both amazing and unforgettable!

Get Stoked… in Style™ at our Nicaragua Surf Retreat!

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The finest all girls surf retreat and womens surf camp Nicaragua has to offer!

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  • “Chicabrava rocks!” – 5 Stars

    "Every woman should go to a surf camp at least once and I can't think of a better camp than Chicabrava! The chicas at the camp are amazing, they really help you with your surf in and out of the water and they are amazing hosts! I felt right at home with a bunch of strangers and I came back home with new friends. I did the option where you sleep in the town of San Juan del Sur and yes it can be noisy at night but it's not every night and it's great to be able to walk in the town for food, drinks or shopping. The groups are really mixed, there's women from all ages, many countries and all walks of life which makes for rich conversation and a lot of fun stories :) Instructors are professional and give you personalized attention, the staff in the house is warm and attentive. Note, this is Nicaragua, this is not a 5 star hotel. It's a fun and active week with adventurous women that will make you feel empowered, if this is your thing, you have to go!" - Analuisa, San Francisco, Surf House 12/31-1/7/2017
  • “Feed your soul!” – 5 Stars

    "Can't express how much this trip had an impact on my life. I stayed at the surf house and the purpose of my trip was to get better at surfing - if you want to SURF, this is the trip for you. When I found out that Nicaragua has over 340 days of surf and that it was more affordable and also less "developed" than Costa Rica, it was a no brainer. I was looking for adventure but as a person reading reviews (as you are doing right now), I also wanted to make sure it was going to be well organized and professional. They truly are all of the above. The surf house is definitely more simple so don't expect hotel accommodations but there is a house mom and staff who clean daily. The instructors, I miss even now being back home. I've had instruction locally but to be taught theory and have girls in the water for 3 hours a day everyday was EVERYTHING. The girls that came on my trip that I did not know were all so different but we had so much love that we all have stayed in contact after coming home across the country! Chicabrava is super organized and has a daily routine for you however they give you A LOT of freedom to do your own thing. If you wanted to go out to visit a friend and come home late, you are your own woman - they let you do you too! Highly recommend!" - Trina Yin, Los Angeles, Surf House 12/31-1/7/2017
  • “What an Amazing Week. . .” – 5 Stars

    "I had no expectations going into this trip. . .but even if i had, they would have been completely blown away. if you are contemplating going to CHICABRAVA, stop thinking about it and just book the trip, because i promise you won't regret it. the entire trip was remarkable-from the surf house and the entire staff there, to the surfing instructors, to the other women who took the trip with me-everything was great. obviously, learning to surf was the highlight of the trip (with zero experience) BUT it was the instructors who made the real difference. anna, allie, annie, and steph-you ladies rock. thank you for not just sharing your knowledge with me, but for making me feel so comfortable and welcome . . .i know that my week was awesome mostly because of you guys. the house is pretty cool, especially the location. walking around san juan and experiencing the town was easy, and safe. breakfast at the house every day was delicious, too. other meals that we got on our own were delicious and cheap (and the beer is pretty cheap, too!). they've also done an excellent job setting up various deals for you around town just for CHICABRAVA. this was one of the best weeks of my life, hands down." - Giulia Umile, Philadelphia, Surf House 12/31-1/7/2017
  • “HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP!!!” – 5 stars

    "CHICABRAVA exceeded all of my expectations and then some! As a complete beginner surfer, chica brava provided me with enough skill, confidence, and understanding of the waves to be able to go out on my own. By the end of the week I was able to paddle into my own wave, pop up, and surf down the line! The surf camp provides such a diverse group of instructors that you get to spend time with to help you in different waves. I've never met such a amazing group of individual woman from all different backgrounds that have one common goal: to empower women, support women, help them gain confidence, achieve goals, stretch boundaries and be 'diakachimba' all while surfing! In and out of the water, I had such a blast at chica brava, experiencing the culture, eating the native dishes, trying to speak Spanish, participating in various activities, and of course.. The surf! I have made some awesome new friendships that I know will last - we even want to come back next year to advance more! Can't say a bad thing about this amazing place!" - Sara Gabelhei, British Columbia, Surf House 11/19/16-11/26/16
  • “Awesome week in the water!” – 5 stars

    "CHICABRAVA was the perfect girls' trip for our group. We all had beginners' level of surfing experience, but wanted to get better in a warm water environment. Chica Brava's instructors were patient, very helpful, knowledgeable and fun in the water. The accommodations were comfortable, clean and the breakfast every day was delicious! I really appreciated the daily video review to go over the previous day's surfing; it was so helpful to see myself in the water and see what I could do to improve. We all got tangibly better at surfing, less afraid of the water, and had a blast in the meantime. The group dynamic and the camaraderie with the other guests and instructors made this week in Nica one of the most memorable weeks of my life! Thanks to Anna, Lindsey, Elsi, Annie, Allie, Steph, Efrain and Belkys for amazing hospitality and a super fun week!!" - Ruth Selby, San Francisco, CA, Surf House 11/26/16-12/03/16
  • “Best Surf Camp Ever!” – 5 stars

    "I am just back from a week at CHICABRAVA Surf Camp and it was absolutely awesome. The instructors and staff were knowledgeable, professional, and more than anything incredibly supportive and fun to hang out with. I went to camp as a beginner (I think I have only "surfed" 3 or 4 times in my life) and I left feeling totally confident that if I keep at it surfing will be my new favorite pastime. I can't recommend this experience enough!!!" - Grace Stearns, Mexico City, Mexico, Surf House 11/26/16-12/03/16
  • “Amazing Week!” – 5 stars

    "I visited Chicabrava and stayed at Surf House this last week. I was on the trip with two of my girl friends and we honestly had an incredible time. It was hard to leave at the end of the week and the three of us are absolutely going to try to make it back! I started with a bit of surfing experience and was very keen to improve. I certainly left feeling like I have some solid goals to work on and will feel much more confident and competent next time I get out in the water. I got to watch all of the other girls at the camp (some of whom had never been on a surfboard) make some awesome improvements throughout the week. This was so cool to watch and it seems like it really speaks to the ability of the surf instructors. In addition to their excellent instructing abilities, all of the staff at Chicabrava were such warm, welcoming and fun people. Surf House is basically just as described - right in the middle of town (so it can definitely get loud - ear plugs are helpful with this). It's very comfortable, clean and safe accommodation. I would 100% recommend this camp to anyone, regardless of their surfing ability." - Tracy Gunthrope, Queensland, Surf House 11/26/16-12/03/16
  • “Dreaming of Waves” – 5 stars

    "Missing the ocean and comeraderie of cool surf campers, coaches and staff. I had only surfed four times before and the last experience was nuts. But I was determined to get back out there, and I couldn't have been in a better environment to do it than Chicabrava. I got super tips on the beach, in the water and back at surf house that have me wanting more surf! Since returning I've literally dreamed about catching waves. This winter I'll be in the pool getting stronger for spring in the ocean! The staff are amazingly hospitable, fed us tasty breakfasts and were always there to answer questions or make suggestions to make our trip as rad as it gets. As others mentioned, bring something to cancel the night noise around the house." - Haleh Hatami, Oakland, CA, Surf House 11/26/16-12/03/16
  • “The Adventure I was looking for” – 5 stars

    "I had zero surf experience, but love the ocean and was intrigued with the idea of an all women surf camp. I was not disappointed. Having never surfed before, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I thought the camp did a great job grouping people with similar experience in the water. I was impressed with each of the surf instructors - we rotated each day and each brought their own style. I felt safe and supported every minute I was in the water. I far surpassed my goals and, at the same time, gained an appreciation for what it truly takes to surf on ones own. [...] As someone who was curious and reasonably physically fit, but had absolutely no experience with surfing, I can not recommend this enough to others in the same boat." - Jennifer Bertron, Corning, NY, Surf House 11/26/16-12/03/16

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