Our Surf Retreat Media

Surf Camp Photos

Anxious to see what an all-women’s surf retreat actually looks like? With its azure waters and beautiful tropical surroundings, the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is certainly a place that lends itself to great photography. At CHICABRAVA, we’ve been fortunate to have several amazing photographers as guests at our camp in San Juan del Sur. They’ve captured images of our surf girls mastering the basics, conquering more advanced techniques, and just having fun as a group. We’ve arranged some of the best pics in several online folders. Be sure to check out the shots of our location so you can get an idea of the wonderful accommodations that await. Once you catch a few glimpses of our gals catching some waves at our surf retreat, you’ll ready to pack up your board and come to Nicaragua.

Surf Camp Videos

Nothing will get you psyched for a surf retreat quite like seeing our girls in action. That’s why we’ve put together some videos with CHICABRAVA creator Ashley Blaylock to show off our surf retreat in Nicaragua. Whether you’re looking for a few tips or want to hear interviews directly from our surf camp girls, these videos will get you in the mood to take on some epic waves. You’ll see how to pop-up, learn to catch and ride a wave, and get a sense of the wonderful camaraderie that our guests enjoy. Our retreat offers more than just expert surfing guidance from professional instructors, it’s a place where you can meet new friends and experience a unique Central American culture.

Our Surf Retreat in the Press

As the first and best all-girls surf camp in Nicaragua, CHICABRAVA has garnered its fair share of attention. Our founder, Ashley Blaylock, has been the subject of many articles and magazine covers ever since she left her job as an attorney in Houston to live in the tropical paradise of Nicaragua as a surf instructor. Many of the articles focus on her love of surfing, life as a mother of eight, and ability to ride the waves just as well as the guys. Publications ranging from the Houston Chronicle to Cosmopolitan have written about Ashley and CHICABRAVA. She’s also been featured on MSNBC’s Today show and Yahoo Beauty. In fact, over 30 media outlets have included us in stories. We’ve arranged many of them in our Press section.