Beautiful Waves. Beautiful Smiles.

Jul 17, 15 • Weekly Camp Stories

At the start of the week, our three rad chicas relaxed with cocktails and ceviche on the Pelican Eyes sunset cruise, enjoying the best that San Juan del Sur has to offer! Getting amongst the nightlife with a spur of the moment pub-crawl, these ladies sure knew how to have a good time! With a love... Read More

CHICABRAVA Nicaragua Surf Video: June 2015

Jul 13, 15 • Weekly Camp Stories

  June just came and went! We had so many fabulous CHICABRAVAs spend their vacation here in Nicaragua! Surfing is always the best part about coming to camp, but so many chicas this month made lifelong friendships! Check out the video and see all the fun we are having!... Read More

New Samsung Video, ‘We Are Greater Than I’

Jul 8, 15 • News & Events

While you watch the video below, don’t think this is a commercial, but a calling for all surfers to come together. Look into the depths of the surfing community and see it is much more than surfboards and an ocean. It is different personalities, cultures, world titles, men, women, children.... Read More

Just Keep Paddling

Jul 8, 15 • Weekly Camp Stories

It was an amazing week here at CHICABRAVA! We had tons of waves and lots of festivities in town. Our five girls came from various backgrounds, but left as best friends. In our video they told us what makes them a CHICABRAVA. We had three ladies come down from Virginia; Alex, Heather, and Mary Beth!... Read More

First Annual Father/Daughter Camp!


To celebrate Father’s Day, CHICABRAVA held its first annual Father/Daughter camp! This coincided with the San Juan del Sur Day celebrations including fireworks and greasy pole climbing, along with beautiful outfits and all-day dancing. Such a fiesta was a brilliant way for Dan and his... Read More

Chica Check-In with Denise!

Jun 30, 15 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter

Every good thing comes to an (sort of) end… I had the amazing opportunity to be a CHICABRAVA this year. I’m a Puerto Rican girl who lives for waves and some vitamin D, provided by the sun. I came to CHICABRAVA with a stoke for teaching what I love and doing it in the sickest place... Read More

Book Your Vacation Today!

Jun 27, 15 • News & Events, Newsletter

Looking for a quick getaway? Want to learn to surf in a week? Well, you’re in luck! Spirit Airlines just announced they now have direct flights from Houston to Managua! This means no lay overs, no more waiting at the airport for days and best of all you are one flight and a short car ride away... Read More

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