Chica Check In-Kristina from Florida

Feb 4, 16 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter
Kristina Surfing big waves

How Did you Hear About CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat? I first heard about CHICABRAVA from a coworker when he told me his niece was a surf instructor in Nicaragua teaching girls how to surf. In my head, I was saying…”Nicaragua? Teaching? Surfing? My Dream!”. At that time, I was at a... Read More

Anatomy of the Perfect Wave

Feb 3, 16 • News & Events, Newsletter

How Waves are Formed Sitting on a beach, watching the waves roll in one by one, and breaking just steps away from sandy toes is a perfect moment for a day of a surfer. Watching the horizon in the distance waiting for ‘the perfect wave’ to arrive. The ocean swells, the wind blows offshore, and... Read More

If a dog can surf so can you!

Feb 1, 16 • News & Events, Newsletter

What’s Stopping you From Surfing? If she can do it, so can I! If he can do it, well I can do it too! If a dog can…wait a dog? Surfing, the sport loved by all, even dogs! If a dog can surf so can you! Having doubts about stepping on the board for the first time, watch the video below! Every... Read More

Moments in Time…

Moments With CHICABRAVA In life there are times when we connect with a few people. This may be for only a few moments or during a week of surfing. When you find these people a bond is created and a lifelong friendship begins. A week at surf camp is always filled with moments of happiness, growth,... Read More

Yolanda and Justin Bieber

Jan 27, 16 • Weekly Camp Stories

It was another week in paradise and I feel blessed to host these four wonderful women for our CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat. Our Californian lady Gina was enjoying her third week with us and was determined to master her pop up and wave reading skills. Olivia from Switzerland and Mia from New York were... Read More

Bring it on 2016

Jan 26, 16 • Weekly Camp Stories

Feliz Año Nuevo de CHICABRAVA!!! Whether you are young or old, live by the ocean or landlocked, are a water lover or want to overcome your fear, CHICABRAVA is an experience for anyone willing to give it a try. Get ready to extend your comfort zone, whether that may be charging the waves around San... Read More

Chica Check In-Karam from Canada

Jan 15, 16 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter
Karam in Canada gym

“Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself — be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he... Read More

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