Mick Fanning at Shipstern Bluff!

Sep 1, 15 • News & Events

After the scary incident with a Great White during the WSL stop at J-Bay one month ago, 3 time World Champion Mick Fanning, headed over to Shipstern Bluff. A right-breaking slab located 25 miles southeast of Hobart on the southern coast of Tasmania. This break is known as the world’s most... Read More

CHICA Check-In- Lauren from LA

Aug 31, 15 • "Chica Check-in!"

As I sit here on my balcony pulling together pictures and my thoughts from the past few months for this check-in, I am overwhelmed with how special my time in Nicaragua has been. I decided to pull the trigger and move my rat-race Hollywood life to San Juan Del Sur last march. After a couple trips... Read More

Surfing Possibility: The Surfer Girls of India

Aug 30, 15 • News & Events

As we move closer to our annual CHICABRAVA Camp Bella camp, we are always on the search for other movements with similar values to our own. Brown Girl Surf is an organization located in San Francisco, California and is dedicated to making the surfing community a little bit more diverse. Their... Read More

Sun-Kissed Skin and Salty Hair


Sun-kissed skin and salty hair, Re-invigorated by the fresh ocean air. CHICABRAVA where all that you are and all you can be Is celebrated and encouraged until you can see, Anything is possible with a splash of inspiration Just look to our chicas this week for motivation. Warpaint, battlescars and... Read More

Grand Opening San Juan del Sur Day School

Aug 29, 15 • News & Events

San Juan del Sur Day School has just opened in Finca Las Nubes! The school first opened in 2009  as a preschool and has now expanded into a school with kids ranging from 18 months old to 10 years. Check out the article by Del Sur News or hop on over to San Juan del Sur Day School’s website!... Read More

Nacatamales , Super Bueno!

Aug 25, 15 • Weekly Camp Stories

Last week was another unforgettable one with 6 wonderful chicas enjoying their CHICABRAVA surf retreat up at the Cloud Farm. Our North Cali, girls Amy and Emily had already spent the previous week with us at Surf House and were entering their second week of their stay with us. Our two Canadian... Read More

July Edition of Chicas Adelante

In the past few months CHICABRAVA has teamed up with Escuela Adelante in San Juan del Sur to form a group called ‘Chicas Adelante’. This group of young Nicaraguan girls from San Juan del Sur meet once a month to talk about real issues, partake in fun activities, and develop the skills... Read More

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