CHICA Check-In- Kelly Anne from San Diego


This year I chose to be still. Quiet my busy mind. Build my tribe. Practice the art of taking vacations. Never have I ever committed to laying down real roots in one single place. Last we spoke I was sitting on my moms couch in AZ trying to work things out. I made a list. Everything I need in a... Read More

10 Examples of an Epic CHICABRAVA Surf Retreat!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.21.33 PM

There are many reasons why our CHICABRAVA surf retreats leave a lasting impression on us as instructors. Not simply empowering women to ride the beautiful waves of Nicaragua, but it is the joy we experience when surfing with amigas amidst laughter and buena onda! So, below are 10 examples from this... Read More

Point Break 2015

Sep 18, 15 • News & Events

Point Break is the original cheesy surf movie, equipped with action, surfing, and of course a love interest! BUT this new version is the complete opposite, it is an action packed thriller! Bohdi is a modern day Robin Hood, and Johnny Utah is one bad mammer jammer FBI agent. Check out the trailer!... Read More

Let the Beat Drop!

When I receive the itinerary for the upcoming week and I see the words “solo traveler”, a couple of things come to my mind. Traveling solo, how cool and WOW! This girl is courageous! We have many solo travelers that attend our camp each week, some who end up in groups of other chicas... Read More

Event 7 – WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship

Sep 8, 15 • News & Events

Wednesday kicks off event number 7 of the WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour at Lower Trestles, CA. With Courtney Conlogue only leading by 400 points, do you think Carissa Moore of Hawaii will move back into the first place position? Tune in Sept 9-20th to find out!  Check out the video below... Read More

Nicaragua-‘Lonely Planet – Best in Travel 2015′

Sep 8, 15 • News & Events, Newsletter

Nicaragua was selected for the top 5 countries to visit in 2015 by ‘Lonely Planet – Best in Travel 2015′. Currently ranked #4, many people are stating that Nicaragua is ‘the new Costa Rica’. And in the sense that it’s cheaper, safer and less developed than its Central... Read More

CHICABRAVA Nicaragua Surf Video: August 2015

In August we surfed up and down the coast of Nicaragua. We surfed everywhere from Playa Hermosa to Popoyo and back! August was full of rad chicas who could cruise down the line. We also had a couple of return guests, four in one week! Check out the video made by the talented Jerson Barboza!... Read More

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