Butterflies, Toñas and Gelado!

Nov 23, 15 • Weekly Camp Stories

Last week CHICABRAVA hosted 10 ladies at surf house in San Juan del Sur. Cynthia our doctor from Idaho already had some surfing experience and decided that it was time to dive in the clear waters of Nicaragua to define her skills. Her girlfriends and partners in crime Anne, Holly, Susie, Margaret... Read More

The Smurfettes

Nov 13, 15 • Weekly Camp Stories

Once upon a time In a quaint little town Two chicas arrived Ready to surf on down Rebecca and Kateri With a sunny disposition The dynamic duo Having fun the only condition Starting the week with a bang These two had some style Surfing down the line Almost riding for a mile With bright blue faces... Read More

Chica Check-In- Joelene from Australia

Nov 4, 15 • "Chica Check-in!", Newsletter

Over dinner with two girlfriends and my partner of 12 years Mat by my side… Joelene “Yeah, I’ve been thinking of taking a break from work, might head to Central America to learn Spanish and do some volunteering for four months.” Jane “Wow, that sounds awesome, will you... Read More

10 Ways to Continue Being CHICABRAVA

Nov 1, 15 • News & Events, Newsletter

So, you have been to our camp at CHICABRAVA, left with all of the knowledge of being a true  surfer, and now you are wondering how can I continue to be this amazing rock star?! Well here is our list of ways to continuing being a CHICABRAVA even after you leave the stunning beaches, warm water,... Read More

Learn to Surf in a Week

Oct 27, 15 • News & Events, Newsletter

Our Goal for You Take in the salty air, the ocean breeze and the sand between your toes. Now imagine sitting in the line up, feeling confident and able to paddle into your own waves. Feel yourself cruising down the line with the ability to read the wave and the know how to out the back. This is... Read More

Chicas Adelante-September Edition

Oct 26, 15 • News & Events
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.56.16 PM

This monthly meeting with our Chicas Adelante was an eventful one, as the CHICABRAVA team made the official announcement of our 2015/2016 Camp Bella participants! Who is it you say? You’ll have to wait and find out! We started out our Saturday by a discussion on how we, as women, can achieve... Read More



6 wonderful women, with media presences to boot, descended on San Juan del Sur for three fun-filled days of surf.  Now I won’t lie… surfing is not easy. It is incredibly rewarding and has the potential to change your life, but it is not easy. So place that into three jam-packed days... Read More

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