A Contagious Laugh!!

Jan 21, 13 • News & Events

We were lucky to have 4 amazing girls join us at the surf house last week, 2 from Texas and 2 from Canada. All came with the same goal- to catch waves and have fun! That they did!! I can only describe this group by giggles, encouragement and the desire to “stick it!” Hour by hour these girls progressed in the ocean, learned the knowledge of surfing and goofed offed whenever they could! Check out their video of why theses chicas are CHICABRAVA and how they enjoyed their trip!

Aside from charging the waves, these ladies were also determined to document the trip with countless pictures. GoPro photos and videos, polaroid’s, iphones, and point and shoots were always in hand and snapping away!!

We were happy to bring a little sun, waves and smiles to their winter holiday, and are super happy they had an amazing time! Determination and the desire to get that wave will always help you progress in surfing. We’re stoked these girls learned what it takes to become a surfer!!

-Candace Pattillo

Operations and Marketing Manager, Lead Surf Instructor/Camp Host

Surf House Jan 12-Jan 19, 2013

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