40+ Retreats

The Ultimate Surf Retreat for Women 40+

No matter if it’s your first time in the ocean or if you’ve been surfing for years, we’ve got you covered! Our customized 40+ camps offer an alternative for the adventurous traveler seeking both comfort and challenge. With a 2-to-1 guest-to-staff ratio, our professional coaches pay close attention to your needs, both in and out of the water.

While scheduling and accommodations match our other packages, you have the added bonus of connecting with like-minded women with similar passions and lifestyles.

We got you. You got this.

Why 40+ Surf Retreats?

"Just Right" Competition

We get it. You’ve come here to get away from the kids, so our priority is to not intermingle generations, but rather let you experience surfing with mature women with similar tastes, passions, and experiences. There’s no fighting for waves, no drama, and no social media obsessions here— just unadulterated fun!

Luxury Lodging

Bunk beds, shared bathrooms, downtown location . . .? Leave those budget options to the 20/30-somethings. You’ve worked hard, have limited “you time,” and deserve a little love in your lodging. That’s why our 40+ surf camp package lets you choose from our two prime locations at Cloud Farm and Playa Colorado at our standard rates.

Ultimate Surf Trip

Just like our other packages, with 40+ surf retreat packages you get yoga sessions, organic cuisine, surf theory, in-water coaching, massage, and plenty of relaxation. You also have the option to swap out some surf time for pampering treatments like manis/pedis, catamaran tours, and even more massages. Check out our full list of add ons.

Customized Services

You want it, we’ll make it happen. Just gather a group of your girlfriends and we’ll organize made-to-order requests including cooking classes, Spanish lessons, turtle nesting tours, arts-and-crafts workshops, salsa dancing lessons, and Nicaraguan cocktails 101—learn how to shake up that Macuá! Contact our team for rates.

Magic happens outside your comfort zone.

Chica Brava